Dimensions: D260xW300cm

Weight: 22,4 kg

Details: Zip out front, Side doors/window with ventilation net, sewn in curtains, light panels in roof, option to roll the entire front to the side, Advanced Air System, Draught excluder with air tube against the caravan, attachment solution for LED strips, well-known Isabella materials, reflective guy straps, pockets for guy straps, fitted with two beading diameter options, double air pump, large sun canopy (50 cm).

Optional extras for assembly: Attachable flooring.

Coming in 2018

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Front and side illustration

Blue line - Zip for removable and fold-down panels
Grey window - Ventilation net with foil cover


Base Drawing
Up/down arrows + number - Base depth in cm
Blue line - Removable and fold-down panels
Dotted outline - Canopy
Black angles - Door opening